A Little Context

I remember very distinctly exiting the hospital after Hazel was born. I pulled the car around while a nurse helped Beth and Hazel out of the door. We had things under control when there were, you know, 20 nurses doing everything for us...but now we were on our own. And you couldn’t help but think “wait a minute, they’re letting us leave with her. We don’t know what we’re doing!”

We weren’t totally in the dark. We had taken a few classes, done our reading and watched some videos. But, honestly, we were a crazy blend of excitement, bewilderment and anxiety. A through-the-looking-glass, aliens just landed at the Whitehouse sort of freakout.

And then for next few years we trial and errored our way to a pretty excellent daughter. But that path wasn’t without a healthy dose of worry and screw-ups.

Get by with a little help from...

We had a lot of trouble with sleep...for a while...and I remember wondering “why didn’t anyone tell us about this?!?” I guess we got the offhand “sleep while you can” tip, but we didn’t really know why until we were chronically exhausted.

Of course, the reason nobody told us about it was we didn’t ask. And truth be told, we wouldn’t have even known the questions we needed answers to.

And that’s where we got the idea for GooGooList. Wouldn’t it be great if our friends told us what we need to know and shared their hard-earned parenting lessons. Like if they gave us the answers to the questions we didn’t know to ask, but would almost certainly have to confront down the road. Basically tell us - “what are the three things you wish someone had told you when you first had a kid?”

People already do this of course. You see it a lot on Facebook. But it’s not a great format for archiving advice and an even worse place for collecting product recommendations.


We think GooGooList can be a place to collect all of that wisdom and recommendations, so parents can have a cheat sheet for their new, crazy life. Most importantly, it’s a cheat sheet made by the people they trust and love.

You know your friends and you know the kids they created. If they did a good job, why not learn the strategies that led to their parenting success?

We also wanted to pay our respects to the experts out there who create lots of great parenting posts for all of our benefit. I think there’s a good balance there between collecting the advice of our friends and researching the opinions of experienced people we don’t know. That’s why we also added The Monitor, a daily aggregator of some of the most popular parenting blogs on the web.

Together we hope those features give parents some peace of mind as they navigate their new lives. It ain’t easy being a parent but it can definitely be less stressful :)

The Business Stuff

There’s a 90% chance that this website won’t help with Hazel’s college fund, but if it does, it will be through the ridiculous world of affiliate marketing. When you create a list your friends can add products by searching Amazon or manually entering items from other sites. If someone ends up clicking the link and buying the product, we get a small percentage of the sale.

The hope is the revenue from those affiliate deals will help pay for the website expenses and maybe even add a little on top.

Of course, you don’t need to buy anything through the links on the site, and we also encourage you to shop second-hand when you can, but if you want to help keep the site up and running, that’s one way to do it.

Help Improve the App

If you have any thoughts or feedback we’d love to hear it. If you’ve created a list you can always chat with us from the app.

Otherwise just email us at: contact@googoolist.com